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Get Whole Building Surge Protectors

A power surge is a rapid increase in the amount of electricity flowing through your appliance and if there is no protection to absorb this extra power then it is absorbed by the delicate circuit boards and components in your devices. These extra jolts of power over time, can shorten the lifespan of your appliances by years. Install whole building surge protector in your business to protect your electronics and appliances. Avoid extra costs from hiring a Clearwater electrician to fix your electronics and get protection instead!

Protect your investments with Professional Surge Protector Installation in the Tampa Bay Area


Protecting your electro-mechanical appliances from damage from daily spikes in the power grid or from lightning is a must for Floridians! Electrical surges can cause spikes of electrical currents to travel to your appliances, and other electronics, putting them in great risk of being damaged. Getting surge protection in Clearwater is vital to protecting your electronics, appliances, and your wallet.

Does it seem like your appliances, computers, and TV’s don’t last as long as they should? Well, power surges are to blame!



Whole House Surge Protectors in the Clearwater Area for Additional Devices


Additional devices for phone and cable lines as well as point of use surge protectors for your valuable TV’s, computers, home theater, etc. offer a safeguard for those delicate components and it’s more important than ever to protect the many electronic devices that are sensitive to damage by surges:


  • security systems
  • computers
  • printers and FAX machines
  • telephones
  • small appliances and microwave ovens
  • refrigerators
  • sound systems
  • garage door openers
  • low-voltage lighting systems

Replacing one, or any of the above mentioned electronics or appliances can put a large dent in your wallet.


If you live in the Tampa Bay area then you are familiar with the prevalence of electrical storms in the area. With any electrical outage, there’s always the possibility of a destructive surge when power returns. If this happens, the cost of replacing unprotected electronic components can be monumental.


Theta Electric offers a solution for Tampa Bay area businesses: whole building surge protectors, now available to the public. Contact an electrician for more information, and to schedule an appoint to receive a whole house surge protection estimate.


In addition, you may be able to save money on your insurance too. Our In-House Electrician will be pleased to discuss the benefits of installing your whole house surge protector for a very reasonable cost.


Whole Business Surge Protectors — don’t underestimate the need for this necessary safeguard!


Contact a Theta Electric electrician to learn what must be done for whole house surge protection to be installed in your home or business today.


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