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Home Network Wiring – Wired = Secure

Expert Home Network Wiring Installation for the Digital Experience

The experienced home network wiring and cable installers at Theta Electric will provide worry-free enjoyment for all your communication devices: televisions, telephones, computers, and all the technical components that accompany them. With a professional installation, you avoid having wires and cables poking through the walls, running under carpets, hanging off the outside walls, or tangled in the corner of the room.

A neat, clean, well-working system is what you need and a good professional does the work right the first time. Even more importantly, you don’t have to worry that you might do it wrong, or that some fly-by-night technician might drill through the wall without looking to see what’s on the other side.

Professional Home Network Wiring and Cabling Installation is Important


We demand sophisticated voice, data, video, and television communication not only in the workplace, but also in our homes. We love home theaters, remote and wireless controls, and we want all of our systems interconnected:

We want to turn the music on in every room or in select rooms and watch a TV program in one room and continue watching it in another or on our computer. We want to have different TV programs playing on three different television sets, with parental controls on two of them and we want a computer network that hooks up all the computers and laptops in the house. And we want to be able to answer the phone in any room and in the garage or on the deck. (Yes, that means landlines – still loved because they never need recharging!)

State Of The Art Communication Needs State of The Art Set-Ups

The best system in the world and the best components on the market are only as good as the set-up and installation of your home network wiring.


  • An Ethernet network cable, meaning CAT 5 wiring, CAT 5e, or CAT 6 cable wiring connected to a modem, is required if you are looking for a private, hard-wired, high-speed network that will allow Internet access, media streaming, online gaming, video, and other communication devices to operate.The term “Ethernet Cable” refers to several twisted pairs of wires housed within a cable, and there are several types commonly known by their nicknames or category (CAT) numbers: CAT 3, and enhanced versions CAT 5

and CAT 5e, which are heavier with more insulation and capable of carrying heavier workloads, and CAT 6, which is better yet. However, the word “better” is relative. The CAT 6 is “better” in both performance and work capability, but so thick it requires special connectors to attach it, and such a strong cable may not be needed.


  • Telephone wiring should connect phones both safely and attractively and allow the phones to look like they “belong” where they are placed.
  • Home theater systems draw much more electricity than a regular television and you need quality wiring installed, and everything properly connected to preserve your components and ensure proper function.

An Experienced Wiring and Cable Installer Will Do It All


With all the different kinds of wiring and cabling needed at home, you need an expert who can do it all and be your one stop electrical wiring solution.


Call Theta Electric, we know the various Internet hookups and cables needed, to set up many different phone systems and home theaters, and we will save you time and money by doing everything right the first time. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the show!


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